About us

The bmquadro studio was born in the October 2004, in the 2012 Marco and Luca Maletto founded the studio associato bmquadro architetti
The common aim is to build an architecture that is conceived around the people needs and the specific physical characteristic of the site of construction.  
Using the words of Steven Holl: “Architecture is bound to situation.(…)The architecture of the intervention will respond to the context within which it finds itself.”(Steven Holl, Anchoring, Princeton Architectural Press, New York 1989).
Strongly believing in a integrated architecture, the studio does many kind of cooperation both for private works and architectural competitions.

What we do also:
_ Requalification / Relations / Energy certification
_ Land register
_ Safety on site
_ Topographic surveys


Arch. Roberta Franco

Geom. Denise Marras

Geom. Fabrizio Artirio

Renata Vegelj